Al Hamra Engineering Consultants Company holds a Valid First Category License.

Al Hamra is a reliable and a reputed name in the Engineering Consultants industry.The acceptance and favor by our Clients has been earned with the untiring efforts of our Chairman, Syed Naseem Akhtar, over a period of years. Mr.Naseem is very well known among all the Engineering circles for his professional approach.

Al Hamra has Creative Architects and Competent Engineers, whose dedication has been reckoned by the success of the firm. Along with quality, Al Hamra also holds quantity of work in the marketplace.

Our Projects include high rise buildings in all the commercial areas of the UAE and a number of beautifully designed villas in almost all the resedential areas of the UAE. Mosques, hospitals, warehouses, schools, labor accomodations and showrooms are also some of the main jobs that Al Hamra Engineeering Consultants has completed.

We respect and value our clients, which is why even after holding a good position in the market, we accept to serve them in their minor projects. Our specific designs cater to the needs of the developers group, that is why our clientele also includes most of the reputed developers.

So when you look for quality Consultancy and Construction services, look up for Al Hamra Engineering Consultants Company.